▷ Gift baskets for women 【2019】

Gift baskets woman

Big Cosmetic Box 3
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Cosmetic Gift Case for the care of women. The most complete natural cosmetic case you can buy for a woman's gift.
Big Gift Pack Woman
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Big gift pack for women This Gift pack for woman containing a representation of the products of our Natural Edition cosmetics line, elaborated with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Thermal Water.
3 Flavours EVOO Case (3x250ml)
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3 Flavours EVOO Case (3x250ml) A selection of flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oils to give a different touch to salad dressings or hot food preparations. Presented on a hard wooden case that suits every kitchen perfectly.
Box 6 condiments "La Chinata"
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Box 6 condiments "La Chinata" These extra-virgin olive oils to provide a different flavored dressings dishes, both hot dishes and salads.
Cosmetics Case
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Wooden cosmetic gift box A wooden gift box with cosmetic products, a natural gift both outside and inside, an impeccable presentation for natural cosmetics made mainly with organic olive oil.
Small Gift Basket Cosmetics nr. 1
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Cosmetic gift basket nº1 Elegant cardboard basket with cosmetic gift, a natural gift for skin care, with natural cosmetic products brand La Chinata.
Medium Gift Basket Cosmetics
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La chinata cosmetic gift basket A luxurious gift basket with natural cosmetic products, to give at Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day etc. A fantastic gift to offer the body a natural care, with which your recipient will be delighted.
Hand Care Pack
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Hand Care Pack Clean and moisturized Moisturizing our hands is something we usually do when we it’s necessary, when we feel our skin irritated or stretched, but we forget to protect it day by day against aggressions of wind, cold, the use of detergents… The Hand Care Pack is conceived to convert moisturizing in a habit like washing your hands, situating the Hand Lotion bottle next to the Hand Soap, in one base. The bottles can be replaced by the Hand Lotion and Hand Soap refills. Contents: 2 x 500 ml.
Large Gift Case
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Large Gift Case Our Large Gift Case contains one bottle of Selection extra virgin olive oil of the first cold pressing, one bottle of 500 ml of extra virgin olive oil, two bottles of flavoured extra virgin olive oil and an olive oil soap bar. The case is made out of solid wood.

A gift more than the gift itself, denotes the intention to make the person who receives it feel special. Our fully customizable gift baskets, from the packaging to the content, are made with the best products and will make your gift an unforgettable experience.

Women's gift basket

The original gifts have the peculiarity that nobody has given anything like that, which makes it more special. With the woman gift basket that we offer in Gourmet Gifts you can customize from the content, to the dedication and the wrapping, so whoever receives it will get the best detail, and most importantly you will know how much it is appreciated by those who give you this detail.

Our customer service takes care of every detail so that your gift is perfect. We have a wide variety of products that adapt to all tastes, cosmetic products such as bath set, nail brush; Gourmet products such as wines, craft beers, lots of ham, and of course the inevitable chocolates.

Gift basket for women

The gift baskets woman are one of the best options when making gifts, since being customizable they are a very nice detail to receive. At any time of the year we have to entertain some people, either because of their performance in an activity or simply because we want them to know how much we care, a gift basket for women is an original and unforgettable detail.

Gourmet Gifts Online is your best ally when making a gift, our products are of unsurpassed quality. We specialize in making your gift perfect, we offer the customization of gift baskets with a variety of products so that you choose the right one to make your detail. If you have any questions, do not wait to contact us, our staff is always at your service.