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Details of communion for children

Pack 30 backpacks, 30 wax packs + case + dinosaur rubber egg
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Pack 30 backpacks, waxes and rubber eggs Pack of 30 non wave backpacks, washable, with waxes Measures: 25 x 30 cm Includes 5 colored waxes per backpack. A plastic egg, half green, half transparent 7 erasers shaped like different dinosaurs Egg: 5x4x4cm Pencil case and red pencil sharpener. 6 pencils 1 pencil sharpener 1 cardboard case. Measures: 10.00 x 2.50 cm Material: Cardboard / Wood / Plastic

Details of communion for children.

Communion is a very popular party among children and very important in their lives since they are for the first time the absolute protagonists before the rest of the guests, so it is better to have the details prepared for children invited to the Communion party . In this section you will find not only beautiful details but you can also entertain them while enjoying their gifts for a long time and will have an endearing memory of your child's great communion party.

Gifts for children invited in communions.

Children are another guest at celebrations and have a special presence in communions, so they deserve an exclusive gift, just for them. A section designed to enjoy the best products while having fun learning, coloring, discover and interact with all other guests.

Types of gifts for children in more suitable communions.

There are several items for different activities for children, there are those who are more classic and prefer to give away the typical candy cone. Children really love it.

On the other hand and more popular in recent times and with anticipation to get again the top positions among the favorites are the healthiest details, which in addition to being a gift for children favor having them occupied for a while while performing a activity. They are non-waven gifts, coloring, washable and that favor the imagination and sociability of the little ones.

You can give them a gift with which they will remember the communion of your son or daughter as a unique event, and they really like being able to show off their gifts with their personalized designs for themselves.

Why give little details to children in communions?

The details in the events are paramount especially if you want to have a personalized and original event, children are the great guests of honor to this type of events and not only in what concerns communions, but that there are more and more ideas and details designed exclusively for them and of course they have an obligatory presence in communion.

Giving little things to the children in the events as in the communions, will help to remember that magnificent day they spent with you and your daughter or son, in addition to keeping them entertained with all the details you will find in this category, but you can always take a look at rest of the categories intended for children.

What gifts for children to buy?

If you are one of those who like to go to the last and that the gifts cause sensation and a good memory, we recommend the colorful details, there are also slate cups on which you can paint very original and many more products.

Remember that for more than 24 units you can include free personalized cards, shipments are free for more than 150 euros and deliveries are 24/48 from when they leave the warehouse.

You can also ask us and we will give you some personalized details if you wish according to what you are looking for.

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