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Chocolate Olives
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Chocolate Olives These olives, naturally, aren´t olives at all but almonds, covered in a thick layer of delicious creamy chocolate. They are coloured green and brown to look like mixed olives in the bag. You won´t be able to eat only one… Presentation: Bag 150 g. Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa (60%), cocoa butter, almonds (26%), milk powder (C264M, C425), food coloring (E-102, E-142, E-110), lecithin and vanilla.

The best chocolate for your wedding

The chocolates for wedding details are ideal to give to your guests in any event. Surprise everyone with this great gourmet flavor. In our online store you can buy your chocolates in a thousand different ways, for example in small bags, in trunks or boxes or even in bulk.

Bulk chocolates for weddings

Do you need a specific amount of chocolates? Here you have the option to buy bulk chocolates for weddings, only the amount you need to prepare your details as you like.

Cheap chocolates for weddings

We have the cheapest wedding chocolates you can find and we can also assure you that they are delicious. You can give it as a detail or to decorate the centerpieces, we offer you the best chocolates for wedding, but you decide how to do it.

Much more than chocolates for wedding detail

In addition you can not only find chocolates, but other types of chocolate to give as gifts, are details and memories of chocolate for very original weddings. You have doubts? For that reason we make some recommendations in this regard.

Recommendations chocolates for your wedding

The best selling by far are the chocolate chocolates in the shape of a heart, because they are very rich and truly delicious as well as beautiful and their price is cheap, you can buy it in bulk units or in 1kg bags.

If you want something original, we propose as an option our chocolate chocolates in the form of olives, they are very popular and above all they are full of originality in itself.

If you are looking for something cheaper, you can get the Neapolitans, they have the form of a coin and you have three different flavors so that it is as varied as possible and just like those from the heart, you can also buy it in single units or in a bag.

Last but not least, we recommend bulk chocolates made with figs and chocolate, another great and original option.

All these ideas can be combined with each other, forming other memories with chocolates for weddings, your imagination will be the limit. Place your order online and receive it in a short time at your home.