Lots of Iberian products

Lots of Iberian products

Buy lots of Iberian products online 

We never want to lose the habit of sharing a drink or something to eat with friends at home or at any special event. Therefore, if you are the host of the meeting, we invite you to consider the batch of Iberian products as the best option so that you can celebrate every moment with pleasure.

Whether you want to give it as a gift for a social gathering, a company, or a birthday.

Basket of Iberian products to give as a Christmas gift

There are different types of Iberian products so that you can make them an excellent gift this Christmas season where you will surely want to be with your family and friends.

Varieties of Iberian lots

We have different types of Iberian cuts, as well as Iberian gift baskets that include varieties and exquisite cuts. Among the products we have we can mention sliced ​​Iberian shoulder envelopes, sliced ​​Iberian ham, types of sausages, pure acorn-fed Iberian ham and other varieties of products.

So we have for you a wide variety of products ready for you to share with your friends and family during this long-awaited time of year.

How to buy baskets of Iberian lots

Too easy. In order to be able to buy from the batch of Iberian products, it is essential that you have previously searched for the product. Once the result is found, click on the product image and the link will open where you will find the product information and its characteristics.

On the right side of the product image you will find the price of the product, as well as the option of the quantity to choose and add it to the cart.

Depending on the product you choose from the wide variety on our web portal, you will have loyalty points that will be transformed into discount vouchers on your purchase. These values ​​vary according to the product.

Prices of Iberian gift baskets

We have different types of Iberian products, the prices are the best in the competition and we focus on providing the best in quality and service to our customers.

Our prices vary according to the product, from the most expensive due to the amount of products it includes, such as the elongated gift box of gourmet products, as well as sliced ​​cuts of ham, to the most economical.

Choose what suits you according to your pocket. All our products are of excellent quality.

Don't miss this opportunity to choose the best cuts from the batch of Iberian products that we have for you.