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Buy acorn liquor from Extremadura with alcohol and without alcohol

A wide range of miniature acorn liqueurs, brands such as Panizo, Villa Lucia pomace or Extremaduran flavors can be purchased in our online store, we offer small liquor glass or plastic liquors, these types of spirits are in demand as details and Gifts for events.

In each special celebration or in any business event you will always want the guests to have a memory of the occasion. To do this, here at giftsgourmetonline.com we offer you the best in all types of liquors including acorn liqueur and acorn cream so you can give in that event you plan to have.

They exist in small presentations that we put at your disposal at the best prices and of the best brands in the market.

Acorn liquor composition

Acorn liqueur is considered of good quality, and you cannot miss your celebration or event that you plan to have. This liquor offers an excellent smooth taste of very good quality with a long taste and an intense aroma of acorn notes.

Another outstanding detail is its appearance, with a bright color very similar to aged gold. Presenting an alcohol volume of 17%. This liquor brings together a very similar composition of the presentation without alcohol.

Acorn liquor characteristics

The presentation in miniature size of the acorn liqueur with alcohol, make it the perfect gift or present for your guests, in addition to having different presentations depending on the brand you choose in our online catalog. The bottle presentation with alcohol contains between 10 cl to 70 cl depending on the brand.

The alcohol-free acorn liquor has several presentations, one of them brings an attractive case with glasses to make it an original gift. It should be noted that not all presentations bring cases and glasses. These presentations are 70 cl, which are recommended to drink very cold.

All brands and presentations can be viewed in our online catalog.