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Gel and Body Milk
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Gel and Body Milk Surprise your guests with the most original gift, ideal like celebation gift. Personalized packaging, you can put the name or the date like you want.   This is the better gift for wedding, communion or any celebration that your guests can receive.   - This moisturizing cream (30ml) with extra virgin olive oil moisturizes the skin and protects it against external factors. It preserves the integral structure of the dermis, allowing better regeneration and enhanced skin firmness. - Shower Gel (30ml): This shower gel is a thick pearly green gel with characteristic olive aroma, well suited for frequent use. The contained olive oil moisturizes and invigorates the skin during every shower.

Details for female communion guests

The details for guests are more and more original and personalized, taking into account the preferences and tastes of each guest will be a way to differentiate that special day from your son or daughter from other communions. In this case this section is intended exclusively for women.

You will find all the details designed for them from gifts that go from traditional handmade traditional jams to oils and cosmetics to delicious gourmet pates.

A whole host of products of various flavors and variety from which you can choose the one that best suits your event and theme.

What are the details of communion for women?

What is mainly sought when in an event you give a gift to your guests is to thank them for their assistance and for having accompanied you on that special day. It is still a gift, so as such it should be done thinking about what the person who is going to give you the detail might like. Personalization and originality in the memories for women will be a detail with which you can put the finishing touch that magic day.

Types of gifts for guests

In online gourmet gifts you will find different details for communion guests although we also suggest you visit the sections of the other events in the women's section where you will find more details like these.

Generally our details for women are gourmet products or products of a very high quality in terms of elaboration and composition. You will also find many product thumbnails, very appropriate for this type of event for its excellent presentation. Finally, the details that involve the icing on the cake in this category are the cosmetic products so appreciated among girls, made with non-aggressive natural products with the skin and hair so that they are radiant.

How to choose the detail for the most suitable girls for my son's communion?

It will depend largely on your tastes although in our opinion a miniature pate accompanied by a bottle of wine is a very successful gift, you can give cosmetic or gluten-free products to those who are celiac or make sure they do not find an equal gift with jams personalized that you can give with your own design or choose one of the ones we propose. The jams with the customizable paper was specially designed for this event, which is very popular and one of the most popular among communion events.

What product to buy for women?

It depends largely on your budget, the number of guests or the theme of the event you can tell us your budget and we can propose combinations that suit your needs. You can choose the product you want although among such a variety you may not be able to decide, if you do not know what the detail of your communion for girls will be, you can contact us through chat, email or telephone.

These details, although they are designed for communions, can be used for other kinds of events and in the other categories that are not communions you can also find some interesting idea.

The details for guests are usually for many guests, therefore, for these orders we have very cheap shipments even free in Spain (peninsular) from your purchases of more than € 150.

You will get a nice memory for women on our page, ask us for more information without obligation, we are expert advisors on details for events and celebrations.