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Buy Gourmet Patés online at a good price

What is considered Gourmet Paté

Gourmet pate is a food that has been produced since the approximately 15th century, made with meat and mostly with vegetables, herbs, spices and wine.

Why buy gourmet pate?

This type of pates keep a big difference with the rest of industrial pates mainly because of their flavor, gourmet pates are created with natural products without additives, preservatives or dyes, they are also handcrafted by the traditional method.

The gourmet pate is considered part of a balanced diet. Mainly its elaboration began to be practiced so that food could be preserved without losing its properties without having to resort to cold, salt or smoke food.

Give Gourmet Patés.

Having a detail with someone with a gesture like this, is always a success and more if we talk about these patents so exclusive and delicious.

Oily to the touch, soft on the palate and made with top quality meat products from the community of Extremadura you can see the characteristics of each of them by browsing our page a bit, but nothing you can read will be comparable to the explosion of taste on the palate that you will find when you finally try it. We assure you that if you are looking for a little detail with someone, this is a good option.

You can choose from a multitude of flavors, textures and combination of flavors such as black pudding and pine nut pate, pheasant pate with truffles, cream cheese with truffle and a whole universe of flavors ready to be discovered.

Gourmet Patés for Christmas.

At Christmas the meals begin and the constant search to innovate, here you can find what will be the protagonists in the family tables.

These gourmet pate can be presented in croutons or toasted bread in the appetizer before dinner or lunch, for many it is the best moment of the meeting culinary speaking, so we better look good.

In this section we do not talk about simple pates, we talk about an experience focused on a snack that needs to be shared with guests at your table.

How to present the Gourmet pate?

Gourmet pate can be presented in several ways, although the one we like the most is to present in several tables, especially the foie gras, which are perfect if you present them in toasted muffins. They will also be a safe bet if you add the mixture that best combines: the fruit jam of the forest, which you can also find in the section of jams of various sizes and flavor, remember that the jars of jam are customizable so imagine how it would be with A Christmas message of congratulation. It would be a perfect presentation!