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D.O. (Designation of origin)

The best Wines with designation of origin

Wines with Denomination of Origin are those of a type of geographical indication established to wines whose quality or characteristics are expressly and fundamentally due to the geographical environment in which they are born transform and elaborate. The wines created in a specific area are distinguished, against manufacturers from other areas who would like to take advantage of the good name that the originals have achieved, over a long period of time, production or cultivation.

Denomination of origin wines Spain

The wine factories that adhere to the designation of origin Spain, must commit to maintain the highest possible quality and also maintain certain traditional uses in production, such as, for example, it is mandatory to use the traditional grape of the area. Also, there is a public body regulating the appellation of origin, which authorizes exhibiting the badge to manufacturers in the area that meet the requirements.

One of the main advantages for the consumer with the designation of origin is that it guarantees the consumer a more or less similar level of quality and specific characteristics. On the contrary, producers obtain legal protection against the production or production of such wines in other areas, even if the same grapes and procedures are used. The best wines Spain Denominations Origin in our online store.

Why buy Wines with Denomination of Origin?

Because the designation of origin we establish the expected quality of these wines. Without a doubt, it is a seal of confidence about the place of origin or the specific geographical area in which a product such as wine is made. It is part of the classification of Spanish wines.

Among them we can highlight the Rioja or Ribera del Duero, although there are many more, with exactitude currently up to 69 geographically distributed throughout Spain. For a wine to have a Denomination of Origin and its quality is in accordance with this standard, it must take a strict quality regulation, in order to be a D.O. It must have been recognized up to 5 years before as a region of quality wine production.

Buy Wines with Denomination of Origin is synonymous with tradition, customs, stories, legends and myths. Through the protection and designation of a wine to the determined area where it is made.

What Denominations of Origin do we have in this online store?

Although as you know there are many that exist, in our online store we strive to bring you the most demanded, such as wines from Ribera del Guadiana, Ribera del Duero, Rioja or Rueda.