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Orange Blossom Honey (500g)
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Pure orange blossom honey 500gr Very sweet, natural, creamy, fragrant and soft on the table. The orange blossom honey comes from the citrus crops of the Spanish east. Its color varies from white to light amber being crystallized, and amber more or less transparent in a liquid state.

Monofloral honey is that which comes from a single floral species or, failing that, that in which its composition mainly abounds in a specific species whose pollen is predominant.

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We offer different types of monofloral honeys in 500 gram and 1 kilogram formats. The types of monofloral honeys that we have are: thyme honey, heather honey, oak honey, rosemary honey, eucalyptus honey, orange blossom honey and chestnut honey.

We must not forget how advisable it is to take honey to cure colds, periods of discomfort and convalescence, flu, sore throats, etc.

Monofloral honey is a type of honey that has a distinctive flavor or other attribute because it comes primarily from the nectar of one plant species. Stored and labeled separately for premium pricing. While there may never be a single monofloral type, some honeys are relatively pure due to the prodigious nectar production of a particular species, such as citrus (orange blossom honey), or there may be more in flowers at the time.

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Bees pollinate the predominant nectar sources of each region, and often plan crops to keep separate. For example, in the south, flower honey, from a small tree that blooms at the end of the season, is highly prized. Beekeepers try to remove previously produced dark and strong tasting tulip poplar honey just before flowering. During flowering, there is little else for bees to pollinate.