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Cava for events, wedding, baptism or communion

Freixenet Mini Nevada Semi Seco
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Miniature of Freixenet cava Capacity of this bottle of freixenet 20 cl This miniature cava is a perfect detail to give to guests in any type of event (wedding, communion, baptism, etc). Surely when giving away this wedding detail, your guests will be delighted. In addition, you can customize this product with a personalized card.

Mini bottles of champagne for best-selling weddings

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Well, yes you can! The mini bottles of cava arrived! That they will be able to fulfill your dream of each guest receiving their mini cava as a luxury detail in gratitude for attending your wedding, christening, birthday or any other event or party.

Benjamines de cava

For the couple or hosts of the party, it is sometimes difficult to buy the right detail or gift for your party guests.

The Cajou kids are very elegant and turn out to be a unique, original and perfect luxury gift for your wedding, event or celebration guests, they will also give that sophisticated touch to the memory that will also take away mini bottles of Cava It is very fashionable.

Do not complicate yourself..!!! Buying has never been so easy and fast, our online store Gourmet Gifts experts in the art of giving gifts, we have for you a variety of miniature bottles of the delicious sparkling wine cava so you can select the ones of your choice and the one that best suits your budget

You have to choose from a variety of sparkling wines such as: Cava Jaume Serra, Benjamín Cava Jaume Serra Brut Nature, Cava Codorníu miniature and Cava Freixenet miniature and many more.

Just take a look at our Cava kids from the comfort of your home, even if you are in the office you can see the various options we have for you.

Mini Cava Bottles

Small Cava Bottles are available in our virtual gift shop Gourmet Gifts and not only will you find the diversity to choose from, but we also have the best market price to fit your budget.

In the same way, we offer you the alternative to customize the details that you are going to give, for example: if you want to add small personalized cards we will provide you with the tools and you can complete your expectations.

Characteristics of mini Cava wine

Among the most outstanding characteristics of the contents of the small Cava bottle is the variety of the type of grape used in the preparation of the wine.

The native variety of white grapes are three: Macabeo, Xare-lo and Parellada. Being the only wine zone in the world where they are used as the basis for the production of a sparkling wine, they give the product a very peculiar and marked personality.

Subirat or Malvasia Rioja and Chardonnay are authorized for use.

For the pink Cavas garnacha, monastrell, pinot noir and trepat (grapes that only occur in the Conca de Barberá) are used as red varieties.