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Freixenet Mini Nevada Semi Seco
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Miniature of Freixenet cava Capacity of this bottle of freixenet 20 cl This miniature cava is a perfect detail to give to guests in any type of event (wedding, communion, baptism, etc). Surely when giving away this wedding detail, your guests will be delighted. In addition, you can customize this product with a personalized card.

Buy online Miniatures wines weddings and events

In this category you can buy glass miniatures of white, rosé or red wines in different formats of 18, 25 or 37.5 cl. The most characteristic food of the Mediterranean Diet presented, wine miniatures weddings, communions or any type of event. They can be presented and customized with bow and tag, with sticker attached to the bottle, or with an elegant organza bag.

Our small bottles of wine are one of the favorite gifts for guests invited to weddings, baptisms or communions. This peculiar format of mini bottles of wine is striking for its originality, an attribute that, in addition, can be enhanced by customizing the packaging itself with ties, labels, stickers ...

Choose your small bottle of wine as a gift and give it the special touch you want to surprise the hosts. You can also buy your small wine bottle pack with other of our gourmet products: add the best selection of pates or cheeses to complete the perfect gift.

Cheap wine bottles for weddings

In this online store you can see all kinds of cheap small wine bottles of different denominations of origin at a very competitive price. We are experts in wines and wine bottle formats to give as gifts. Find what you are looking for with the cheapest market prices on this site, purchase your mini wines and save with us.

The best bottles wine wedding gift

If you are looking for the best bottles of wine to give away that will be very suitable for these celebrations, it is a gift very appreciated by the guests, it never goes out of style and it is much more interesting to give an experience for the palate than any other type of gifts.

What bottle of wine can I give?

Many people contact us to help you in the difficult task of choosing a good bottle of wine to give away. When it comes to details there are three options to consider, in this section you will find some bottles of wine in 187 ml, but if you are looking for something bigger you can see our 375 ml wine bottle and on the other hand we do not want to give you the opportunity to give you a Access to the small cava bottle section.

187 ml wine bottles

In this section you will find the best wine bottle cellars in 187 ml or 18.7 cl format. They are the smallest format that exists in this type of products, they have the charm and flavor in essence of each wine in a mini size that is ideal for small details and gifts to guests.

Personalized wine bottle

Do you know in this online store your personalized wine bottle is possible?

We offer two options for you to customize the wine bottles as you want:

Personalized wine bottle with sticker / label: for only € 0.20 the unit, you can add additional stickers to your cart, which you can personalize with a photo, a special phrase, the names of the bride and groom, dates and everything you need

Personalized wine bottle with card: for free, we include a personalized wine bottle card when you buy 24 wines or more in our online store.