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Dulce Eva Wine
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Dulce Eva Wine Type of wine: White semi-sweet. Variety: 100% Eva Saints. Cellar: Cooperativa Virgen de la Estrella Appellation: Wine of Extremadura Harvest: 2012 Country: Spain Tasting notes: - Nose: Fruit (grapefruit, apple and tropical) and floral (geranium). - Palate: Sweet. For a time, it leaving a memory of fruit. - Alcohol: 10%.It is recommended to consume around 6 or 7 degrees.

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A young wine or "wine of the year" is said to be a wine that has only remained in the barrel for a sufficient period. This wine should be consumed in the margin of a calendar year since it goes on sale, although it usually tastes better if consumed in the margin of the first six months. We have cheap and quality young wines in this section.

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The young wine is one whose aging and short ripening time give the character and flavor to this type of wine. The price of our young wines is really cheap and they are of a high degree of experience and taste.

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Young wines are considered gourmet wines and these really are very suitable for pairing. Buying young wine is the best option for those who enjoy a good time with a good wine. A liquid pleasure that you can not stop enjoying it alone or in good accompaniment. Enough reason why you should not miss a bottle of the best young Spanish wine.