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Personalized christening gifts

Find your personalized christening gifts

The best details of baptisms are those most personal, so in all those who can find in this section you can order them personalized in different ways. Our articles are already special, personal and infrequent because they are exclusive and you could not find them anywhere else, if you add the option to customize them to your liking, you have the most beautiful result possible.

Why buy gifts for personalized baptisms?

Simply because it gives the gift a unique and special personality, as it should be a good gift as personal as it is beautiful indicating a message or note in formats such as small personalized labels or stickers with your favorite images or photos.

How to customize your christening details?

The process is very simple, you just have to attach the information before placing the order, in each item of the store you see in this section you will have a panel where you can add the text that you consider appropriate for personalization, such as the baby's name or date of birth. Additionally you can choose a card or sticker model from the catalog or choose to attach your own photo of the baby.

Remember that we have available a promotion for your personalized christening details, in which we give you the personalization of the card or label. If you want to personalize it with a sticker, remember that it is not included in the offer and you must purchase it separately.

Custom christening details with photo

The most beautiful thing is to give a personalized gift with a picture of your baby at the christening, in the first months we usually have hundreds but thousands of photos of our newborn son.

Why not use one of those wonderful photos of your baby to personalize the detail of the baptism?

We encourage you to take the best photos and attach them to us in your order, you can customize your baptism details with the photo you like best.

Among the many ideas we recommend is to give a bottle of wine with a personalized sticker with your baby's photo, in the most endearing stage of life so that attendees have a tender memory of the little one in the house.

It is also possible to use other types of baptism details and personalize them with a cardboard label with the chosen photo, this is added to the detail in various ways and once the detail is delivered you can save the label for posterity.