Spanish Olives


Arbequina olive 355 gr
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Small in size, rounded shape and great aroma, the Arbequina olive concentrates an intense flavor. Naturally made. Not surprisingly,with this variety the best olive oils are made. Ideal for aperitif or to accompany fish, It is combined with white wines.
Green olives with stones - Gordal variety 355 gr
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Robust as the Andalusian olive trees that produce it, the Gordal olive is a fleshy fruit with a soft character. With its unmistakable size, firm skin and heart-shaped shape, the Gordal olive is perfect to accompany your appetizers with a cold beer. Net weight: 355 gr. Drained weight: 190 gr. Category I. Pasteurized product. Caliber: 80/110.
Natural black olives. Empeltre variety 210 gr
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Natural black olives. It is the quintessential Aragonese olive that comes from the Ebro valley and Lower Aragon. The Empeltre olive, black in color, is characterized by its accentuated flavor. It combines perfectly with agricultural products, such as onion and tomato, and with wines with strong characters. Net weight 210 gr.

Buy seasoned olives, homemade style, those of a lifetime. Our region has a privileged climate for the production of olives and a great tradition in the manufacture and marketing of this food. Liquid gold prized throughout the world and the basis of one of the most important diets in the world, the Mediterranean. Olives are allies of our health. From them olive oil is obtained, one of our superfoods.

Among other benefits:

- They are very good for people who have anemia, due to their high iron content. (Black contains more than green)

- They prevent heart and circulatory system diseases, which are rich in unsaturated fats and regulate cholesterol levels.

- They help improve our defenses, by containing vitamins A and C.

- They have a lot of fiber, to help regulate the intestine and against constipation.

- They contain vitamin E (100 grams of olives give us 3 mg). The recommended daily amount of vitamin D is 12 mg daily.