Wood wool for gifts

Wood wool for gifts

Wood shavings or wood wool for gift stuffing

Our wood shavings filler is perfect to prevent breakage or damage during transport, especially for items with glass or particularly fragile packaging.

Wood wool to protect your boxes

Our wood chip filler is specifically designed to secure, protect and prevent vibration of any items inside the package, especially those that are fragile or delicate. When used as a box filler, wood chip is perfect for securing and immobilising any product inside the package, ensuring the safety of the items and protecting against accidental knocks or falls out of the box. In addition, wood wool helps to enhance the presentation of your products and their packaging, providing an eco-friendly and unique decorative touch.

Uses for wood shavings or wood wool

Wood wool can be used to protect gifts and gourmet products.

It is especially suitable for decorative stuffing for gifts, Christmas hampers, wine boxes, gourmet gifts, corporate gifts, wedding, christening and communion favours, events and birthday parties.

As a complement for art, crafts and decoration. 

As a confetti or element in parties and celebrations.

As a pet bed.

As thermal or acoustic insulation.