Perfect Barbecue Day Pack with utensils, spices and craft beer.
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Perfect Barbecue Day Pack with utensils, spices and craft beer.

A gift that will bring a childish smile to the adult you give it to. A set with elements to enjoy being the chef of your barbecue. It includes a waistcoat with cooking utensils, high quality spices and two delicious craft beers to prevent the chef from getting dehydrated by the fire. A gift that's sure to hit the spot - buy it!

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Perfect Barbecue Day Pack with utensils, spices and craft beers

We bring you this set with which to be the envy of your friends and family, an original box with which to be the "King" of the barbecue. An original case that includes a series of high quality products that you are sure to love. The products are: 

- A 75 gram tin of Smoked Pimentón de la Vera Paprika. A tin with a beautiful design in a striking red colour, which highlights its contents.  A paprika with a sweet taste, as it is made with selected peppers of the Jaranda and Bola varieties. A special process is used to produce this paprika of such high quality and characteristic flavour. It also has a Protected Designation of Origin, which ensures its 100% Extremaduran origin. The measures of the tin are: 8.5cm high x 7cm wide x 5.2cm deep. 

- Two thirds of Sevebrau craft beer. A great craft beer from Munich Hell style. A Lager beer, very light blonde in colour. It emits a cereal aroma with light hints of traditional German hops. A beer that has a nice smooth and refreshing taste with little bitterness that you will love. It has 4.8º of alcohol. 

- A waistcoat with various kitchen utensils. With an elegant design that goes with any outfit. In addition to its stylish design it has all the "tools" needed to make a good barbecue. These are arranged in a series of pockets that store them comfortably and so they can be quickly available. The kitchen tools are: A trowel, carving tongs, steel tongs, a padded mitten and two jars for the ingredients. If you are thinking about the size, the waistcoat has a button fastening and an adjustable strap to adapt it to any person. 7 Accessories. Material: Stainless Steel/ Polyester 600D.  Measurements: 43 x 60 x cm | 750 gr. 

- A grinder with a special mixture for barbecues. Designed to save time, as its selected mixture adds a special set of spices that give a unique touch to grilled meats and vegetables. Its blend contains: sea salt, spices (pink pepper, white pepper, garlic, chilli and oregano), dehydrated vegetables (red and green pepper) and sunflower oil. The grinder is made of glass and very resistant. It has a double grinder to choose the type of thickness you like the most. Format: Grinder.  Net Weight: 62 gr. Material: Glass Gluten Free Measures: 13.6 x 4.6 x 4.6 cm. 

- A Mediterranean Sea Salt grinder. The most consumed spice in the world and therefore the most important. A high quality salt made by evaporation of sea water, a natural process that is more ecological and respectful than that of the mines. In addition, its manufacturing process gives it a special texture, highly appreciated for seasoning meat, fish and vegetables. 

- An allspice grinder. An exotic spice that deceives with its name as it is not a pepper. This Caribbean spice is a "rara avis" as it looks like peppercorns but its flavour and aroma is reminiscent of a mixture of cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and cloves. A very popular spice in Caribbean cuisine ready for you to use. It is presented in a high quality grinder made of glass and with double grinding. Format: Grinder.  Net Weight: 35 gr. Material: Glass.

So you see, you and your guests are sure to love this great batch. Be the life of the party and enjoy this great gift, or give it to that special someone who is sure to appreciate it. 

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