Buy cane honey 500 grams online
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Buy cane honey 500 grams online

Buy cane honey 500 grams online

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Buy cane honey 500 grams online

Obtained by means of nectar of the cane that disposes all the nutrients of the known and sweet plant. Elaborated with extreme care through totally natural processes, it is filtered and the molasses or cane honey is obtained.

It has multiple benefits that are associated with the nutrients and minerals absorbed by the plant, generating a high energy content. Recommended for people who make physical or mental efforts.

Reconstruct the hair structure faithfully, bring health to our hair. It has been proven effective in people who suffer fall.

With great presence of iron, highly recommended for people who suffer from anemia or for pregnant women.

It is also a recognized natural laxative and a supplement in a diet to lose weight. Also with great magnesium content is very appropriate to strengthen the bones.


  • Net weight: 500 gr
  • Ingredients: sugarcane juice and vitamin c
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Measurements: 9 cm high x 26 cm Ø

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