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Fig vinegar 100 ml.
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A 100% artisan product Fig artisanal vinegar. To accompany a meal, vegetables, salads, meats, etc. It is ideal for gift to guests at events such as weddings, baptisms and confirmations. It can be customized with an organza bag and personalized card.
100ml square vinegar bottle
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A Sherry Vinegar with designation of origin La Chinata brand This innovative bottle of vinegar "La Chinata" is ideal for presentation at major events and even give it away for celebrations (weddings, communions, baptisms, etc).
Sherry vinegar 100 ml miniature
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Vinegar from Jerez 100 ml miniature This vinegar from jeres miniature is perfect fot his arome and flavour which will do a touch special for your plates. Also, is a product ideal for utilise like wedding gift, communion gift or baptism. Crystal little bottle, hight: 15 cm

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