Tasting Lot 8 Sevebrau craft beers
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Tasting Lot 8 Sevebrau craft beers

Ipa, Serona, Castúa, Pilsen and flavored with lemon, mango, melon and berries

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Order it before 18:00 of tomorrow and receive it on 30-11-2021 with MRW 24-48 HORAS


Give this refreshing and appetizing batch of Craft Beers

A very original detail to surprise a friend or family member. A case made up of 8 100% craft beers. Made in Extremadura and awarded with numerous national and world awards. Without a doubt, if you know someone who likes beers a lot, this is the ideal gift.

The batch is composed of:

  • Pilsen Lager Beer : Lager, a very clear lager, in the purest Munich hell style, with the aroma of traditional German hops and cereals. A beer that refreshes the five senses, to accompany at any time. Very smooth and with a very subtle touch of bitterness. Vol 4.8%. Capacity 33cl.
  • Castúa Beer : Beer in the purest English style Pale Ale. It has a coppery amber color, its foam is very creamy with an extremely fine bubble. The aromas of caramelized malt predominate, leaving a trace of toast, biscuits or sponge cake. It is a beer with much more body than the Pilsen, which as it passes through the mouth presents bitter notes but with a slightly sweet finish, which means that it has a very balanced combination of notes. Vol 5%. Capacity 33cl.
  • Serona Beer : High fermentation Strong Ale beer, which, as in all brewing countries, we find a stronger variety of beer to withstand the harsh winters. Our Serona beer has a dark brown color, with aromas reminiscent of spicy malts, sponge cake, cookies, coffee and cocoa, with a dense and creamy foam in a light ivory color. Its flavor is intense, with a just balance between sweetness and bitterness, a flavor that lingers on the palate for a long time. Vol: 7.5%. Capacity 33 cl
  • Ipa Beer : A beer with a slightly cloudy appearance, with an orange color and a full-bodied head. When tasted, a slight bitterness is appreciated that increases to finish in a fruity and resinous aftertaste. When you smell you can appreciate a pleasant spring scent, with sweet and floral notes. Vol: 7%. Capacity 33cl.
  • Beer with Mango : Refreshing craft beer with an incredible flavor of exotic fruits. This beer is made from the juice of natural fruits such as mango and passion fruit. a truly refreshing experience in hot weather. Vol: 3.5%. Capacity 33cl.
  • Beer with Lemon : Radler in the purest artisan style, with a low amount of alcohol, is the ideal refreshment if you are a beer lover. Vol 3.5%. Capacity 33cl.
  • Beer with Berries : Beer made in an artisanal way with a red fruit flavor. It is a very refreshing drink with a surprising slightly sour taste. Vol 3.5%. Capacity 33cl.
  • Beer with Melon : Beer made in an artisanal way with melon flavor. It is a very refreshing drink with a surprising aroma of this rich summer fruit. It is a beer with a low alcohol content with which you can enjoy an intense and refreshing melon flavor.
  • Gift box: Nice cardboard box with lid and plastic handle for transport. Measures 56 cm wide x 34 cm high x 10 cm deep

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2021-04-02 11:29:37
Fue un regalo para el día del padre y mi marido quedó encantado.
Purchased products: Panizo Marc Miniature Set Natural  cheese cream for events Moisturizing mask to repair. Tasting Lot 8 Sevebrau craft beers