Advertising Media Appearances


Extremadura Radio Channel

Interview in Canal Extremadura last Friday 18. in the program of Canal Extremadura, "The sun rises in the West" conducted by Antonio León and Nuria Labrador in which they talked about the Christmas #baskets and the special situation of this year.


El periodico Extremadura

Article from El periodico Extremadura on the occasion of the Black Friday campaign. It covers the trajectory of our company, the products marketed and the adaptation to the COVID pandemic.


La Sexta TV

On 04/23/2020 we appeared in the second edition of La Sexta Noticias, explaining how we have reinvented ourselves due to the coronavirus crisis and current promotions.


Canal Extremadura

In this video you can see the magnificent Christmas baskets that we make both in our online store and in our physical store Deliex, Extremadura products.